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Concerning confirmed cases of WNV for 2018 in neighbouring countries (Romania, Greece) , Bulgarian Drug Agency as the Competent authorities with regard to the activities of blood establishments and blood banks for collection, testing, processing, storage and distribution of human blood and blood components, consider the set up of the following measures as indispensable:

1.Strengthen surveillance of donor selection through extensive clinical examination and interviews, and especially for the residents and visitors of the affected areas and areas with high risk of mosquito bites - rivers, lakes, reservoirs.

2.Increasing awareness of the staff in blood establishments and blood banks and especially in the regions along Danube river and West border region along Struma river.

3.The donors will be required to inform Blood Establishmets and blood banks, if within a period of 15 days after donation he/she found the appearance of a febrile episodes or skin rush.

4.Temporary deferral of potential donors doubtful for disease for 28 days after leaving the areas with high risk of mosquito bites - rivers, lakes, reservoirs or flu-like symptoms pass away. ( for the period between June and October ).

The measures will be in force between June and October 2019.